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Rasul Ler (Moroccan lava clay)

Also known as: Ghassoul Clay, Moroccan Clay

Rasul ler


What it is

Rhassoul is a remarkable mineral clay found in the Atlas mountains of Eastern Morocco. This clay has been prized for over a thousand years for its cleansing and conditioning properties.


Why we love it

Much like Bentonite, Rhassoul clay has the capacity to adsorb (attract and hold) and absorb (take up) impurities for deep cleansing of the hair and skin. Rhassoul is rich in minerals such as silica, magnesium, iron and calcium which fortify and nourish. When used in the hair, rhassoul can cleanse, strengthen, soften and volumize tresses. When applied to the skin, it reduces dryness, improves elasticity, smoothes and improves skin's texture. 


Where we get it from

Our Rhassoul clay comes from Morocco. It is sun-dried pure natural clay with no additives



We use only 100% natural, sun-dried clay with no additives.  Clay cannot be certified organic because it is not considered an agricultural product.