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Isangs Blog

Tips, Advice, and Research on Organic, Fair Trade, Vegan Hair & Body Care

  • Why hard water is ruining your hair...and how to fix it


    Like pretty much everyone else, I started to get those annoying spots on all my glasses and scummy flakes in the bottom of my water boiler after I moved to Copenhagen. But the most annoying part were the hair issues that followed. My hair became dry, dull, and extremely frizzy. Læs resten

  • 5 Oils That Will Save Your Skin This Winter


    If your skin's been taking a beating this winter, try these oils for a little extra moisture and protection
    Læs resten

  • Why Palm Oil Isn't The Problem


    People have been asking us about palm oil and some of the destructive practices linked to its production. In our opinion, palm oil issues are symptoms of some larger problems with conventional trade and agricultural models and focusing exclusively on palm oil may just keep us from "seeing the forest for the trees." Here's our take on this issue... Læs resten

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