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About Isangs


Our Concept

Isangs is a hair and body care line with a refreshingly simple approach: We use organic, fairly traded, and vegan ingredients. All our products are handmade here in Copenhagen and we use only sustainable and recyclable packaging. No gimmicks. No unecessary ”trendy” ingredients. Just simple, effective organic products at a fair price.

What makes us unique is our commitment to taking a stand. You don’t have to look for the “fair trade” or “green” versions of our products, because all the things we make live up to the same standards: Always organic. Always fair trade. Always vegan. Always natural.

For us, a real commitment is about taking a clear stand, not just about highlighting a few sustainable initiatives while continuing to profit from socially and environmentally irresponsible business practices. Of course, there’s always room to improve the way we do things over here, but we’re committed to providing you with a real alternative to conventional hair & body care without compromising on quality.



Shop & Production


We have a combined shop and production space where we create our unique line of hair and body care products using quality ingredients. Our recipes are carefully developed by us blending traditional craftsmanship with modern chemistry. We infuse and press extracts and make all our products in our open production space. This way you get a chance to get a little closer to the whole process.

In the shop you'll find our hair and body products served up with a bit of good old-fashioned charm. The natural scent of herbs and essential oils greets you when you walk in the door. Oils and tonics are bottled from taps while you wait. Face masks are personally blended from our menu of herbs and clay in our "mask bar".

We place great emphasis on giving all a good experience, and love to go in depth information about our products, processes and ingredients.

It’s probably not what you’d expect from a typical hair and body shop… and that’s exactly how we like it!


Visit Isangs Shop & Production

Flensborggade 22 kld. th.
1669 Copenhagen V

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday: 11.00 - 18.00
Saturday: 11.00 - 16.00
Sunday: Closed

(+45) 50 15 15 20

Closing days 2017
13th - 17th April (Both days incl.): Easter
12th May: "Store Bededag"
25th May: Ascension Day
5th June: Pentecost / Constitution Day
24th Dec. - 1st Jan. (Both days incl.): Christmas 


The People Behind Isangs



Sundra is the founder and product developer behind Isangs. She is a former human rights lawyer and chemistry nerd who's been extracting herbs, making infusions, and developing hair and body products for nearly 10 years.







Lasse's in charge of all things visual. He works on our packaging design, photos, graphics, and makes sure all Isangs' products look as good as they feel.





Our Manifesto


Organic & Natural

No pesticides. No GMOs. No artificial colors. No artificial fragrances. No artificial anything.
We use natural ingredients that are organically grown or sustainably harvested from the wild. We take this hard-line stance as a way to support clean soil and water, the health of farmers and communities, food sovereignty, saving seeds, wildlife biodiversity and lots of other such “luxuries” that are threatened by the use of petrochemicals and agrochemicals.

Fair Trade

Fair trade is solidarity, not charity.
Fair trade is a way of standing in solidarity with small-scale producers. It’s not about giving charitable hand-outs, but about respecting the basic rights of workers and supporting labour struggles. For us, this means working directly with small-scale farmers and producer cooperatives, using fair trade certified ingredients, and buying through fair trade suppliers when we can’t afford the bulk to buy direct.


100% Vegan and Cruelty free.
No animal fats, animal byproducts or hidden animal derivatives We think there’re lots of ways to treat animals with respect. But our products are all vegan because that’s the clearest stand we can take against factory farming, environmentally damaging livestock production, and the unnecessary use of animals or animal-products - especially in cosmetics.


Sustainable Packaging

It doesn’t make sense to sell sustainable products wrapped in unsustainable packaging.
For us, is seems obvious that our packaging should have the same ethics as our products, and shouldn’t end up in a landfill or sitting in the bottom of the ocean for 1000 years. That’s why we pack our products in recycled paper, glass, or metal that’s traceable and easily recycled.

Effective Products

Old world traditions meet modern chemistry.
Sure we can get a little nerdy about our approach, but the main reason we started this is to make great products that do what they should. We rely on a blend of folk traditions and modern chemistry to bring you sustainable products full of ingredients that have demonstrated hair and skincare effects.

Affordable Prices

We make products for everyday people.
We think organic and fair trade can be affordable. We’re not talking cheap, but products that are fairly priced and that last a good long time for your money. So we don’t add unreasonable mark-ups, we keep our supply chains short, we don’t pay ourselves insane salaries, and we try to keep prices reasonable so you can enjoy our goodies for daily use.


Firma Oplysninger


Isangs ApS
Flensborggade 22 kld. th.
1669 Copenhagen V
DK - Danmark

VAT No: DK 35893520

Contact info:

Tel: (+45) 50 15 15 20


Bank Info:

Bank: Merkur Andelskasse
Reg. No: 8401
Account No: 1149832
IBAN Nr: DK1484010001149832